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The return on investment or better know as (ROI) from your corporate health and wellness programs is most evident when an employee discovers an underlying health problem and takes action to correct it BEFORE it becomes an acute health problem or a chronic illness. We hear stories all of the time of the busy executive or stressed out employee who receives a blood pressure screening at the office, is encouraged to seek medical attention immediately and arrives at the hospital to find out that they are days away from a heart attack. It is easy to see how this preventative screening just saved the company $150,000 in emergency medical expenses, lost production and long term medical treatment.

Beyond the immediate return of not paying for costly medical bills for a tragic and avoidable health crisis is where the majority of your ROI comes from. This is created when you are able to make subtle behavioral changes in your employee’s health. Healthy behavioral changes often occur in small steps and if they are reinforced over time they can lead to significantly healthier employees. This is where a Full Service Health & Wellness fair comes into play.

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